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Tables Rentals

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Round Table Rental

30" wide, 29" high, folding legs
Table 4 ft. long, seats 4
Tables 6 ft. long, seats 8
Table 8 ft. long, seats 10
Children Table, seats 10
  w/folding legs
Serpentine Tables, 5 ft.
Table 60" diam., seats up to 10
Tables 54" diam., seats up to 8
Table 48" diam., seats up to 6
Table 36" diam., seats up to 6

Tablecloth for Rent


Chair Rental

12 ft. Banquet Cloth
60" Square Table Cloth
90" Round Table Cloth
102" diam. Round Tablecloth
120" diam. Round Tablecloth
Table Skirts (13.5 ft.)


Samsonite Chairs
     contour seat & back
Padded Seat Chair
     (white wood)
Children Chairs

Champagne Glasses (5.5 oz.)
Tulip Champagne Glasses
Flute Glasses
Wine Glasses (8.5 oz.)
Wine Glasses (10.5 oz.)
Cordial Glasses (1 oz.)

Pilsner Glasses
Punch Glasses (4 oz.)
Water Goblets (11 oz.)
Hi-Ball Glasses (single)
Hi-Ball Glasses (double)
Glass Iris Mugs
Sundae Glasses (6.5 oz.)
Old Fashioned (6 oz.)
Old Fashioned (double 12 oz.)
Brandy Snifters (5.5 oz.)
All Purpose Sherbet Glasses (4.5 oz.)
Margarita Glasses
Shot Glasses

Glassware Rental


Silverware Rental

Plain Glass
Glass w/ Silver Rim
Water Pitcher
Wine Carafe
Salt & Pepper Shakers (set)
Punch Bowls
     2 Gallon (glass)
     5 Gallon (plastic)

Silver Plated
Dinner Knives
Dinner Forks
Salad (or Dessert) Forks
Soup Spoons
Tea Spoons

Champagne Fountain (7 gal.)
Chafing Dishes
     8 qt. Oblong
     Divided Pans
     Extra Meat Pans
     Sternos; (sale only)
Coffee makers (electric)
Stainless Flatware
Dinner Knives
Dinner Fork
Salad (or Dessert) Forks
Soup Spoons
Tea Spoons
  Sophisticated Pattern
Dinner Plates (10.5")
Salad Plates (7.5")
Bread & Butter Plates (6.5")
Soup Bowls
Fruit & Sauce Dishes
Platters (oblong)
Coffee Mugs
Demitasse Cups
Demitasse Saucers
Silver Trays & Hollowware for Rent   MISCELLANEOUS  
Long Handle Serving Forks
Long Handle Serving Spoons
Serving Tongs
Silver Ladles
Water Pitchers (2 qt.)
Coffee or Tea Servers (10 cups)
Candle Holders
Punch Bowls, 4 gallon
Salt & pepper Shaker Sets
Coffee Urn with Sterno Heat
Silver Revere Bowls (7" and 9")
Silver Trays (oblongs w/ handles)
Silver Trays (round, w/o handles)
Silver Trays (oval, with handles)
High Polished Silver Cake Servers
Cake Knife & Server set
Plain Glass
Chafing Dishes (w/Sterno Heat)
Candy or Nut Dish with Pedestal
Champagne Buckets
  Trays (14" x 18" plastic)
Waiters' Tray Stand
Waiters' Tray (round)
Galvanized Tubs - Zinc Tubs
Thermo Servers (32 oz.)
Lattices (4' x 7.5')
Helium tanks
Salad Tongs
Stock Pots
Public Address Systems
Aisle Stands (38" high)
Aisle Ropes
Garment Racks
Trash Cans (plastic 20 gal.)
Bread Baskets
Dance Floors
GARDEN EQUIPMENT happy party dancer Wedding Equipment Rental in Los Angeles  
Brazier Barbecue
Large Grill (5'x2')
Small Grill (3'x2')
Astroturf (per sq. ft.)
Garden tables (w/umbrellas)
Umbrella Bases
Patio Heaters
Butane Tanks
Wedding Arch (white)
Kneeling Benches (pair)
White Runners (25')
White Runner (50')
Flower Stands
BARS for Rent      
4 ft. Bars, 18" wide x 42" high
     Walnut finish & formica top
4 ft. Bars, 18" wide x 42" high
Bar Buckets


Party Tips

Table layouts

The reception room table layout will depend upon the shape of the tables your venue provides and how the tables are best arranged to make the room look balanced for the number of guests to be seated. Round tables, for example, give a much more pleasing and spacious look than two or three long tables that join to the top table. A typical reception table layout (shown left) will have one long top table for the bridal party and as many round tables as required for your guests. A round top table should be avoided if possible because the view of the bride and groom will be obscured by others on the table and several of the bridal party will have their backs to the other guests. A small table placed to one side of the top table is ideal for displaying the cake in its full glory! 

Guest seating arrangements
Your close family and friends should be seated nearest the top table with other relatives and friends sitting further away. If you have round tables, guests with partners are usually seated side by side. If you choose to have long tables, partners are usually seated opposite each other. It is customary to alternate male and female guests. If you decide to split up couples, they should not be too far away from each other. Children should always be seated with their parents. You should ensure as much as possible that your guests sit with people that are known to each other as this will make them feel more comfortable and facilitate good conversation. Although this will not be possible in all cases, at least try to have similar age groups or guests with similar interests seated together such as aunts and uncles, friends, work colleagues etc. Guests may be very uncomfortable
if they are seated with people they do not know. It is particularly important to bear this point in mind if you have round tables, because the temptation is to fill up the tables with unconnected guests.

Printed table plans
So that guests can easily find their places, a printed table plan positioned just inside the reception room will be very helpful. You may also wish to place a printed seating plan in the pre-reception drinks area. The most efficient form of table plan is where guests' names are listed alphabetically with their table number printed alongside their name. An adjacent map showing the physical table layout with the table numbers marked allows guests to locate their table quickly.

As an alternative to numbering your tables, why not give each table a name, particularly if you have a theme running through your wedding. Alternatively, you might wish to name your tables after people or objects relating to an interest or hobby you both share or name each table after a poet and have a love poem written by the poet left on each table. We have a very good selection of poems and readings associated with love and marriage from which to choose if this idea appeals to you.

Table place cards
To ensure guests sit at the correct seat, table place cards should be used. They can either be flat for placing in card holders or fold tent-like to be free-standing. The style of address for place cards should match the style written on your wedding invitations. If your invitations were written in the formal, traditional style of, for example, Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, the place cards should show Mr. David Smith on one card and Mrs. David Smith on another. Less formal place cards, where the invitation was written in the style of, say, David and Sarah Smith, should simply have David Smith written on one card and Sarah Smith on another. As with the names on wedding invitations, place cards should be hand written. Specialist wedding stationery companies can provide printed table plans and table place cards to co-ordinate with your wedding stationery.

Table and Chair Party Rentals in Los Angeles California, Riverside, Orange County CA